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We specialize in various IT support services, serving as resellers of OneBusiness ERP with top notch Practice Management solutions to Hospitals. We are experts in web app and mobile app developments.This OneBusiness ERP solution is designed and developed by KSA Tech consulting, Australia.

OneBusiness ERP, A top class user friendly cloud ERP

Patient Master

The Patient Master feature within our Practice Management Software is the central hub for comprehensive patient information. It is a repository for all essential data, including personal details, medical history, treatment plans, and insurance information. This centralized database streamlines administrative tasks and ensures that healthcare providers have quick access to critical patient information during consultations.

The Patient Master facilitates efficient record-keeping and supports personalized care delivery by enabling practitioners to create tailored treatment plans, track progress over time, and maintain detailed notes on each patient's health journey.

Our Patient Master feature design optimises patient care, enhances workflow efficiency, and provides a holistic view of patient data for better-informed decision-making in healthcare delivery.

Provider/Doctor Master

The Provider/Doctor Master is a pivotal component of our Practice Management Software, designed to streamline and organize essential information about healthcare providers within a practice.

This feature is a comprehensive database housing detailed profiles of doctors, specialists, and other medical professionals. It centralizes crucial data such as contact details, qualifications, certifications, areas of expertise, schedules, and patient assignments.

This centralized repository simplifies administrative tasks related to managing healthcare professionals and ensures efficient patient allocation, appointment scheduling, and resource optimization. Our Provider/Doctor Master empowers practices to effectively manage their workforce, maintain accurate provider records, assign patient care responsibilities, and enhance overall operational efficiency within the healthcare facility.

Billing and Claims Management

Our Practice Management Software offers a robust billing and insurance claims module, streamlining the financial aspect of healthcare practices. This feature automates the billing process, providing accurate and timely service invoicing.

It seamlessly integrates with insurance systems, facilitating claims submission while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Through advanced functionalities, such as real-time eligibility verification and claim status tracking, it minimizes errors and accelerates reimbursements.

Additionally, our software generates comprehensive reports, providing insights into revenue cycles, outstanding balances, and claim denials, empowering practices to optimize their financial performance. With our billing and insurance claims module, healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality care while efficiently managing the financial aspects of their practice.

Online Appointments/ Room booking

At OneBusiness, we provide a seamless solution for online appointment and room bookings, revolutionizing how you manage your schedules. Our platform allows your clients or patients to effortlessly book appointments or rooms online, streamlining the entire process for you and your customers.

Additionally, we offer a convenient UPI (Unified Payments Interface) integration that enables you to receive payments upfront for e-medicine services. This secure payment gateway ensures hassle-free transactions, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch healthcare without worrying about finances.

With our intuitive booking system and UPI payment feature, you can enhance customer satisfaction, optimize your workflow, and ensure a smooth, efficient experience for your staff and clientele. Embrace the future of hassle-free bookings and seamless payments with OneBusiness."

Patient Master
Provider Master
E-Medicine with Zoom Call

Prescription Billing with Material Inventory

Our Practice Management Software offers a comprehensive solution for prescription billing integrated seamlessly with material inventory management. This feature streamlines the prescription process by allowing healthcare providers to generate accurate bills for medications and treatments. The hospital management software is capable of integrating the ERP software functions. Simultaneously, it synchronises with the inventory module to manage stock levels, ensuring that prescribed medicines are readily available when needed. This integration enables real-time updates of inventory levels based on prescriptions, automates billing for medicines and consumables used during patient treatments, and tracks inventory expenses. With this cohesive system, healthcare practices can efficiently manage prescription billing and material inventory, reducing errors, optimizing stock levels, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Embedded Online Video Conferencing: e-medicine

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Embedded Online Video Conferencing feature tailored specifically for Tele-medicine purposes. Seamlessly integrated within our software, this innovative solution revolutionizes remote healthcare delivery.

Our Video Conferencing feature facilitates secure and interactive virtual consultations between healthcare providers and patients. It's a user-friendly Twilio and Zoom platform that enables seamless communication, ensuring that distance is no longer a barrier to quality care. With our Embedded Online Video Conferencing for Tele-medicine, healthcare professionals can conduct real-time appointments, offer medical advice, discuss treatment plans, and provide follow-up care – all within a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment.

Patients benefit from the convenience of accessing healthcare remotely and receiving expert guidance from the comfort of their homes. This feature empowers healthcare providers to extend their reach, improve patient engagement, and quickly deliver superior care.

Experience the transformative power of Tele-medicine through our Embedded Online Video Conferencing feature, redefining healthcare accessibility and quality in the digital age."

PowerBI/Tableau report integration

Welcome to our Hospital Management Software! Our expertise lies in crafting custom reports tailored to your needs on various reporting platforms. We specialize in creating comprehensive reports for Standard ERP/Practice Management, specifically designed for Hospital Management and Patient Analysis.

Our commitment extends beyond providing off-the-shelf solutions. We pride ourselves on understanding your unique requirements and delivering customized reporting solutions that precisely meet your specifications.

Whether it's fine-tuning existing reports or creating entirely new ones, our team excels in producing detailed, insightful, and user-friendly reports. We recognize the significance of accurate data representation in making informed decisions, and our goal is to empower your practice with actionable insights.

With our software, expect streamlined operations and a seamless reporting experience. Let us handle your reporting needs while you focus on providing excellent care and managing your practice efficiently."

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