A Complete ERP for ATea factory Business-Cloud ERP solution

OneBusiness Cloud ERP

PowerBI/Tableau Dashboards

ERP & Tableau/PowerBI


You can use OneBusiness ERP,Cloud ERP solution and standard reports in Tableau helps your team see and understand data. OneBusiness ERP an integrated ERP solution that will give a boost to your business in many ways.

  • Use OneBusiness to manage end to end all your business process
  • It is simple and user-friendly, easy to understand and has an attractive user interface
  • You spend almost nothing to setup costs and has low maintenance costs
  • You want add additional customized business Process? Yes it is possible with our product
  • Bring all your business process into one single platform
  • You have option of cloud or on-premise hosting for OneBusiness.
  • It comes standard with a payroll module.

Cloud ERP Solution

Financial Accounting/ Asset Accounting / GSTIN

Are you currently using  a stand alone accounting software?


Procurement/Inventory &Warehouse Management

Are you losing control and missing opportunities due to a lack of information on your materials? It would help if you had a complete warehouse management solution. You will save a lot on human efforts and human errors. In addition, you will get complete control over your revenue generation. Do not lose your valuable inventory without proper authority. Stock costs you. Try our best Warehouse Management System. OneBusiness ERP, Cloud ERP solution will help you handle complete procurement, inventory management and warehouse management.

Sales and Billing


Invoicing and Billing are fundamental for the smooth working of Business and are the primary source of income for organizations.

Elements of Sales and Billing in Cloud ERP Software:

·      Make and Customize Invoices

·      Programmed SMS and Email of Invoices

·      Incorporate with payment gateway for a simple assortment

·      Track deals or sales by Branch, Location, Executive or Agent

·      Make Recurring Invoices with mechanized alerts

·      Create Financial Reports to follow forthcoming instalments for sound income

·      Connect supporting records with each receipt

·      The entirety of your archives and monetary records are saved in cloud storage

·      Practical and Saves Time

Project Management

Initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing of a project are included in project management on a fundamental level. As a result, project management is utilized across businesses and is a significant achievement of engineering, construction, and software organizations.

OneBusiness Cloud ERP software, through its advanced project, costing, and management module simplifies project management. It covers project handling, acquisition, estimation, quotation, budget definition, and all other aspects. You will benefit from real-time insights on project progress and financial information with the ERP application for project management. In project-based industries such as planning & development, it is the best-suited program for business operation.

Project Management module:

  •  To manage all stages of a project lifecycle, it provides a project-centric integrated solution.
  • Maintain the budget on time allows complete visibility and tracking of the project.
  • The reports are generated based on real-time information to drive efficiency and performance.
  • It is the most useful feature to check the requirements and to drive operational excellence.

Project Management Module in the ERP Software

To meet unique needs, Project Costing Management software offers an advanced planning functionality and tracking tool. It ensures productivity irrespective of whether you are running a single or multiple projects by letting you identify the project, synchronizing the dates, and monitoring the status/deadlines.

The project management module handles the comprehensive billing requirements of the projects. In addition, it allows you to have a detailed view of resource capacities to enhance delivery efficiencies by ensuring resource availability and avoid running out of resources through efficient inventory optimization.




Production Planning


In the manufacturing sector, planning
is an integral part of every business. You can manage production without any
major problems if your clientele is limited. However, with increasing industry,
production mismanagement becomes common, which leads to delayed deliveries and inventory wastage and eventually hurts revenue and cash flow. However, you can resolve all these issues and upscale seamlessly with a comprehensive Production
Planning solution with OneBusiness Cloud ERP.


Production planning is taken to the next level by scheduling trade-off decisions regarding production capacity and
available resources.


Different types of production scheduling options to level-load production across multiple work centres are


Your entire order management system
can be accessed on your computer. Approving and checking production proposals,assigning job tickets, and clearing payments are made easily and quickly.


With machine utilization, backlogs, and bottlenecks in a simplified overview,
appropriate changes can be made on the fly to boost productivity.


Critical activities like production, distribution and procurement all under the same dashboard are optimized. The power of automation is capitalized to focus on other vital areas.


Using the OneBusiness Cloud ERP software, you can generate reports in real-time to get an idea of how to optimize your production for minimum inventory and maximum


One of the standard ways to balance demand and supply is by using Material
Requirements Planning (MRP). Here in SPARKIA tech, we offer you the tools to check and review inventory and also analyze the supply before approving orders and safety stock levels.


Optimize critical
activities, including production, procurement, and distribution, all under the
same dashboard. Capitalize on the power of automation to focus on other essential



critical activities, including production, procurement, and distribution, all
under the same dashboard. Capitalize on the power of automation to focus on
other essential areas.

Better Forecasting

Point of Sale/ ERP Online Stores

Are you in retail sales? You can use cloud-based Point of Sale system. It is integrated with the back-end ERP and accounting. You will be amazed by the easiness of daily operation.




Customer Relationship Management

Did you know you can use a cloud-based Point of Sale in the retail system? Accounting and backend-ERP are integrated into it. The easiness of the daily operation will amaze you. Capture every opportunity, lead and be proactive. The perfect tools would help focus on the rapid growth in a competitive environment.  Tracking, recording, and managing leads have never been an easy task to do. Our CRM system is fully automated the lead management will help create and manage the leads making you feel relieved with so much time for analysis.

Data Analytics/Business Intelligence (Tableau/PowerBI)

OneBusiness ERP comes with most of the reports and visualization templates ready for all modules. So you can visualize your business data and make informed decisions. We have important KPI’s ready. You have the option to plugin features for Power BI (Microsoft) desktop edition or Tableau cloud BI solution. We are resellers of the “Tableau” BI/ Visualization solution.